Nate Vogel

I'm a design-minded software engineer with a passion for coding & using technology to create awesome user experiences.   Based in Nashville TN, I currently work in FinTech and am a world-travelling photographer.

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Front End Development

I can build a responsive front end in vanilla javascript or a framework like React or MVC, and Im just as comfortable using CSS with flexbox as I am with front-end frameworks like Material UI.

Handling Data

I'm comfortable with C# and ASP.Net, working with ERDs, writing T-SQL queries, using Entity or, and deploying to Azure or Firebase.

Design to Deployment

I have experience in every aspect of a webapp's SDLC; from designing & wireframing to development sprints & stories with Jira to deployment in the cloud.

Mapping & APIs

I have experience with Mapbox, geocoding APIs, & Leaflet. I've consumed Facebook, Eventbrite, Zomato, and Ticketmaster's APIs; but also built my own RESTful APIs with C#.


NSS Front-End Capstone Project: A trip planning & sharing app built with React, Material UI, Mapbox Studio tiles, Mapbox geocoding API, Leaflet and Git. Designed for desktop, but responsive with a custom UI for touch devices. The demo is deployed to Firebase, and a mock JSON server API is hosted on Heroku.

Du JourNi

An outer space & monty python themed daily journal written in vanilla javascript with a mock JSON server API backend. A limited demo is deployed to Firebase.

Ghost-Pac Social Network

Collaborated in a team environment to create a Pac-Man themed app using Git, React, and Ant. Constructed an ERD and built API calls to manage relationships, messages, events, and tasks for our ghostly users.

Get in touch

I am not currently seeking full-time employment, but I'm happy to discuss your contract or freelance needs.